"putting the soul back into



Wall Art that shows you all that your are!

There are nine "Maps of the soul" one for each personality type. Each one not only shows you your personality traits, your thoughts, your needs but also show you who you are at the very core of you. There are just two steps to finding the right map for the person you have in mind (or yourself!)

 Step one  

Choose one of the following statements that you think best applies to your chosen person ... 

A, B or C



They are at their best when... they retreat into their inner world,  and think things through


They are at their best when... they work hard, serve others and do what should be done


They are at their best when... they put myself out there, fix problems, and make things happen

Again, choose one of the following statements below, either 1, 2 or 3


 They react to life's struggles by... remaining objective, detach from issues in order to find a logical plan


They react to life's struggles by... being optimistic and tend to push issues aside in order to move forward


They react to life's struggles by... being assertive and tend to escalate issues in order to bring about direct action



Step Two


Combine both answers from the above and read the brief descriptions below, if it broadly describes the person you are thinking about then click read more button to confirm your choice and buy your map. Please read more than one if you are in doubt.


The Green Investigator

Values Knowledge

Quiet, Perceptive, Innovative, Knowledgeable and Isolated


The Teal Peacemaker

Values Peace

Quiet, Calm, Reassuring, Agreeable and Laid back


The Purple Individualist 

Values Uniqueness 

Expressive, Dramatic, Artistic and Temperamental


The White Perfectionist 

Values Perfection 

Principled, Critical, Purposeful and Perfectionistic


The Orange Helper 

Values being Lovable 

Caring, Demonstrative, Generous and People Pleasing


The Blue Loyal Guardian 

Values being Secure 

Loyal, Responsible, Steadfast and Supportive


The Gold Achiever

Values Success 

Excelling, Driven, Focussed and Ambitious


The Yellow Enthusiast 

Values Happiness 

Spontaneous, Playful, Joyful and Scattered


The Red Challenger 

Values Strength 

Self-Confident, Decisive, Charismatic and Confrontational

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