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I can’t seem to find My Map. What do I do?

  • Read all the thumbnail descriptions on the results page

  • Get someone you know to do the same


Remember -  if you are expecting your description of your type to be 100% accurate. No description will ever be that. We are looking for approximately 85% of the traits described to be accurate. Try to think about the overall ‘energy’ of the type rather than the detailed description.

Can anyone work with the map, or do you need to have done a lot of personal development work?


Everyone can benefit from owning a copy of their map no matter how little or how much development they have done.

I am a coach/helping practitioner. Can I use the map with my clients? 


The short answer to this is yes.  It is intended as an approach to daily life and its primary function is to bring highly specific psychological and spiritual insights into the ways your clients trap themselves in patterns of thinking, acting and feeling that stop them from living their life as fully as possible. To find out more about how your clients can benefit from you using the map click here.

What is the Enneagram?


The Enneagram is a personality profiling system that details nine basic personality types. Each of us has all nine types within us but each of us has a ‘dominant’ type that shapes much of what we do and how we think.

Do I need to know about the Enneagram to understand the map?


Most definitely not. The map is not about the Enneagram but shows how to use the information about your personality type to lead a fulfilling, meaningful life as your true self.

Can I find out someone else’s map/personality type?


Not really. But it is true to say that you can have a good guess. Sometimes if you know someone very well you can ‘see’ their type better than they can. As a rule though, it is much better for someone to discover their own type. 

Can I buy copies of the map?


Yes. You can choose from a selection of different designs. Once you know which map is yours visit our shop here.

Can I have a bespoke copy of the map? I would like a bigger one to match my house decor for example?


Yes. If you contact us we can arrange for you to have copies made just for you. Contact us here.

Is using the map as a daily approach a bit like mindfulness?


Yes. Just like mindfulness working with the map is about cultivating awareness of your everyday experience of life, what you are doing, thinking and saying. Unlike mindfulness, the map gives you somewhere to start with your awareness. After all we all do, think and say a lot in any one day! If you already use Mindfulness, then the map will deepen and enhance your practice. 

Which personality types are compatible with mine?


Great question. There has been a lot of work on this by Enneagram experts and you will find lots of articles on the internet about this subject. 

Are you born with your personality type?


Yes. Your dominant personality type is one of the main things that determines the ways in which you learn to navigate your daily world, environment and impacts on your development as a child.