So, as a fellow seeker 
I have a question for you...
"What do you yearn for in your ongoing spiritual journey?"

Do you yearn for a joyous inspiring practice that you can fall in love with? A practice that will...

  • Connect you to your innate creativity?

  • Feel embodied, alive and grounded?

  • Reveal the inherent wisdom that lies hidden in your soul?

  • Free you from the effort of doing what you believe you ‘should’ be doing? 

  • Fill you with joy and rapture, and bring your tired mind and body alive?

  • Deepen your connection to the ever-present stillness at your centre?

  • Hold you in a place of true refuge, one that lets you know that you are okay. Even when everything is telling you it’s not? 

  • Connect you to others on this journey of self-discovery and awareness, so that you know you are not alone, that you belong?



Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul is a developmental practice that blends three things:


  • Your innate creativity (whether you consider yourself to be creative or not!)

  • A visual tool called a Soul Map (based on your personality type.) 

  • A simple four-step creative practice called The R.E.S.T. Practice.

And as for the Creative Journaling Package itself...

When I created this package I wanted it to be like a gift that you would choose to give to yourself. So as well as being a developmental practice that leads to inner freedom, peace and happiness, it is also something beautiful to unwrap. In your pack you will get everything you need - a mix of actual and virtual products so you that can start your journaling practice journey as soon as you unwrap your package! 

PLUS: A FREE inspirational surprise


To discover if this is a practice that you could fall in love with, take the first step by finding out which of the nine soul maps is yours...

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