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A unique creative journey of personal and spiritual growth


Hi there, it makes no difference how far along your journey of personal and spiritual growth you are, or if you are a total beginner to mixed media journaling or a seasoned 'pro', Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul is for you and you are most welcome here. My name is Jane.

Hello and thank you so much for visiting my website. I am so glad you found your way here. My name is Jane. By way of a little introduction some of the things that make me 'me' are that I am:

  • A passionate teacher of all things personal and spiritual development.

  • A curious creative soul.

  • A lover of our very human, often messy, journey.

  • An adorer of flowers.

  • A raving fan of mixed media.

  • A seeker of the truth, realness and authenticity.

I am fiercely committed to my own personal growth and spiritual practice and for me, my art journaling is a way of getting in touch with my soul, to listen deeply and learn more about who I am at the very deepest level, and I am on a mission to share this journey of Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul with those who are seeking a deeper, spiritual connection with who they are at their very core – to show you how to turn mixed media journaling into a journey of personal development and spiritual growth!

At the height of the Corona pandemic, I noticed that I was leaving my meditation mat behind and diving into the glorious messiness of my paints, stencils and glue. Becoming engrossed in my art journaling I found that I immersed myself in the familiar sacred space of my pages – a space where I connected with who I am at my deepest level.


So I started to wonder,


What if there was a way that we could harness this connection, this joy and freedom and bring it into every aspect of our lives?

Something that takes you on a journey to discover how to find inner freedom - and stay free?


Well, now there is and it is called Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul.


Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul is a journey of self-discovery, using a creative journaling practice that blends three things:

  • A visual tool called a Soul Map (based on your personality type) and

  • A simple four-step creative meditative practice called The R.E.S.T. Practice that guides you on your journey

  • Your creative ability


The aim of this practice is to remove the blocks that stop you connecting with your soul so that you can bring the joy and connection you feel in your journaling into ALL of your life. ​

Abstract Paint
My vision is to build a creative mixed media journaling
 community that helps you to develop a spiritual practice that allows the joy and freedom you find in your journaling to ripple out into ALL your life so that you can find true refuge when you need it, nurture your spiritual growth, and where we connect through a shared commitment to our ongoing personal development and our journaling practice.​ 

What do you want from a spiritual practice?

Maybe, amongst other things you want one that will:

  • Be a creative journey of self-discovery?

  • Connect you with who you are at your deepest level?

  • Reveal the inherent wisdom that lies hidden in your soul?

  • Bring you inner peace?

  • Free you from the effort of doing what you believe you ‘should’ be doing? 

  • Fill you with joy and rapture, and bring your tired mind and body alive?

  • Deepen your connection to the ever-present stillness at your centre?

  • Hold you in a place of true refuge, one that lets you know that you are okay. Even when everything is telling you it’s not? 

  • Connect you to others on this journey of self-discovery and awareness, so that you know you are not alone, that you belong?

Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul is a journey of personal and spiritual development growth using a creative journaling practice that allows you to know yourself as more than the face you show to the world every day.

It allows you to know yourself as a human with a soul. When you know this, you not only know where true refuge is, you have the courage to be fully alive no matter the circumstances and be fully present for whatever life brings. 

Abstract Paint


Learning a creative practice that brings the freedom, playfulness and curiosity you find in your journaling into ALL parts of your life!.



Being able to live more fully in each moment, sure and safe in the knowledge of who you are 



Having an embodied spiritual practice that brings you not only inner peace but also bring you real joy!


Being part of a community where it is safe to reveal your true self and where you can witness others doing the same. 


The Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul Package

This is the ultimate gift you can give yourself.  A practice that can genuinely lead you to more inner freedom, peace and happiness. Embarking on this journey is a commitment to yourself, to developing your creativity and to your personal and spiritual growth. 

For just £37.00 plus p&p, you will get everything you need - a mix of actual and virtual products so you that can start your journaling practice journey as soon as you unwrap your package! 

You will get:

Your very own kraft card creative art journal which contains; 

·       A stunning foldable full scale (40cm x 40cm) colour copy of your soul map

·       A full colour ‘insert’ which describes your personality type

·       30 double-sided sheets of good quality card stock 

·       15 pre-coloured sheets for journaling ‘on the go’

·       15 plain sheets ready for your mixed media adventures

·       A collection of 20 stunning tissue paper images and 40 tissue paper ‘soul messages’ to collage              into your journal 


Your very own ‘starter kit’ of materials designed to get you up and running right away which includes:

·       Three mandala stencils

·       Two paint pens

·       A bottle of PVA glue

·       A glue spreader


A 64-page booklet walking you step by step through three powerful guided practices

·       The ‘Power of R.E.S.T Practice'

·       The ‘Hello Soul Practice’

·       The ‘From Personality to Presence Practice’


A webpage link to a series of videos to support your learning journey

Lifetime membership of a closed FB community which gives you access to:

·       Weekly demonstrations of creative techniques 

·       A place to share your work

·       A place to get support and inspiration from others on the same journey

·       Invitations to weekly 'live' FB and zoom sessions

·       Inspirational blogs to deepen understanding of your practice

 Watch a short movie showing a journal

 Watch a short movie showing the journaling process in action 


On every journey, it is useful to have a map. This journey is no different and there are nine Soul Maps. The first step on this journey is to discover which of the nine soul maps is yours...

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