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As a Green Investigator, being soul centric gets tricky for you because of your profound fear of not being competent or knowing what you are doing. You believe that knowledge is important to feel in control. Because of this, your blocks to remaining soul centric are related to the ways you ensure you always remain knowledgeable and competent. 

Here is your Map to becoming a Soul Centric Coach...

What does my map show me?

Your map is actually a physical map that you can hold in your hands which gives you the psychological understanding needed to become a Soul Centric Coach. 

The outer layers of your map show you first-hand your everyday patterns of defence and armoured ways of being, whilst the centre of your map shows you the deepest aspect of who you are. The part of you that is undefended and free.

This aspect of who you are is for the most part blocked or buried, but is what you must access if you are to become a soul centric coach.

At the core of you is the essential quality of wisdom.

How does it work?

There are many coaches out there encouraging us to be authentic, courageous and true to ourselves. They tell us that we need to live in the now, detach from thoughts or  let go. There is so much about the what to do, but not many coaches tell us the how. 


The My Map Method is your opportunity to learn and use a method that literally shows you the how. You will be able to hold the map to this journey in your hands and learn how it can bring you and your clients, fulfilment, peace, joy and freedom.


The map shows us highly specific psychological and spiritual insights into the ways we trap ourselves in patterns of thinking, acting and feeling that stop us manifesting our full potential. 

But before using The My Map Method to work with your clients you must first work on yourself, learn to drop your armoured ways of being and discover how to show up.  

Your work as a Green Investigator.

As a Green Investigator, the aspects of your personality that make it difficult for you to drop your armoured ways of being are related to your desire to be knowledgable at all times. 

You defend yourself and don your armour when you feel that you lack intellect and are ignorant of something. You become withdrawn, isolated and secretive. Avoiding the glaring light of scrutiny, you are private and introspective and avoid standing out and/or being misinterpreted. This can lead to others, even your clients to thinking of you as anti-social, secretive, remote and detached. Your comfort in mental pursuits makes it hard for you to turn your thoughts into constructive action and to participate in the physical world. Feeling that too much will be demanded of you, or that you will be powerless to act in the world in its current state, you strive for separation from the world and self-sufficiency in your life. You practice minimising your physical and emotional needs and learn to become quite stingy, unemotional, and you purposely distance yourself from essential resources and nurturing. You need others not to place high demands on your time or energy as you need time alone to recharge. It is essential to your well-being that your mind is clear, your life uncluttered, and that you have the ability to control your time.

In a coaching relationship this could mean that you often find yourself:

  • 'Fixing' your client's problems.

  • Avoid using intuition in coaching sessions.

  • Using your intellectual knowledge to find solutions for your clients.

  • Keeping an emotional detachment from your clients.

  • Becoming arrogant and controlling.

  • Overly managing and restricting your time and commitment to your clients.

  • Minimising the importance and avoiding the emotional aspects of your client's issues. 

What will being a Soul Centric Coach be like for a Green Investigator?

By learning to become a Soul Centric Coach, you will be able to drop your usual armoured ways of being and reconnect with the wisdom at the core of who you are.

This will mean that you naturally…


  • Overcome your usual desire to withdraw and allow for a wider range of emotions and express more of your thoughts and feelings with your clients.

  • Learn to use and trust your intuition within sessions.

  • Let go of your fear of overwhelm and stop over managing your time and commitment to your clients.

  • Take real action in the real world, with your clients and with your coaching business.

  • Feel more present with clients, rather than keeping them and others at a safe emotional distance.

  • Learn to feel into your fears about getting things wrong rather than rationalising them away.

  • Live more fully in the moment with your work, so you enjoy it! 

  • Let go of the need to know everything before you can feel safe.

  • Let go of being quite so argumentative.

Try it out...

Below is a short guide on how to use your map on yourself and for your clients. Inside it contains a fuller description of who you are, a brief introduction on how to use the map as a coach and a copy of your map. Once you have looked at the guide you might like to try the guided meditation, you will need your map open in front of you, so we suggest you keep the guide open on your laptop.

Download your free map & guide for the Green Investigator

Once you have had sight of your map you might also like to try a free guided meditation...

Free Guided Meditation - Jane Douglas
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What next...

Now that you have sampled the map, please feel free to download the brochure below which tells you everything you need to know about our two day training in becoming a soul centric coach.

My Map to Soul Centric Coaching

A learning programme designed to enable you to become a Soul Centric Coach


This exclusive programme has been designed specifically for you if you are an experienced coach or helping professional whose next step on your journey is calling you to elevate your skills to the next level. It has a very focussed mission. To show you how you can use My Map to Freedom as a device to tap into your Soul Centric Presence. 


Using the map as a tool to tap into your Soul Centric Presence means you will be able to:

  • Feel confident and sure-footed in your journey as a helping professional because you have a practice which enables you to respond rather than react to your clients

  • Create the kind of space where meaningful inner work is invited and encouraged

  • Simply be present for your clients rather than feeling obliged to find answers and fix things

  • Trust and believe that you and your clients will get lasting results

  • Travel with your clients as far and as deep as they want to go.

  • Notice when you are being ‘triggered’ by your clients, and know how to return to ‘centre’

  • Transform your own patterns of closure and defence so you ‘show up’ as someone beyond your role

  • Co-create genuine working relationships