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Return with the Elixir.

Hello and welcome to the second stage of your journey, this page is your little corner of the internet that contains videos to support you on your creative journaling journey. 
















Welcome welcome welcome to this final chapter in your Unleashed Soul adventure.


This next chapter is called Return with the Elixir because it’s total focus is on pulling everything you have learnt so far together and applying it to the whole of your life. 

This final chapter teaches you how to use the whole of your soul map in a practice called 'The Ultimate R.E.S.T. Practice' which is the practice you will use on your ongoing journey. 

This final chapter also introduces you to The Quick R.E.S.T. Practice. This practice is one you can use when you are short of time or short of inspiration. I hope you will enjoy incorporating this practice into your overall practice.

This practice is not a destination there is always more to discover and more to be! But for now, the invitation is to rest with where you are, knowing that where-ever you are at in this wondrous journey is exactly where you are meant to be and that this is just fine. 

Finally, I have ended this journey by including a story I co-wrote years ago. It is the story of Michelangelo and whilst it is fictional it is also routed in some historical fact.


The story speaks to the journey you have just undertaken. It is the journey of chipping back the layers of defence and protection you have taken years to construct to reveal who you really are underneath it all.


It is the story of Michelangelo and David. It is particularly poignant for me because the journey you have just completed started out being called “The Michelangelo Process.’ Back then I knew the famous quote by Michelangelo ‘David was already in the rock, all I had to do was to set him free’ was describing something I would not only do myself but guide others into doing.

This story then is a metaphor for the journey we all take as humans. The journey back home to ourselves. 


So, as I say goodbye for now, I would like to propose a toast…

‘Here’s to the David that lives with us all.’

It has been an honour. 




The videos on this page have been designed to support and enhance the practices detailed in your Power of Thought Guide. 


Just a reminder that in the private Facebook group, you can ask me questions, share your work and get inspiration for your ongoing practice. I regularly share videos of my journaling experience, plus every Thursday I post videos on journaling techniques! This is the place you can come to connect and belong, and it is my deepest wish is that this practice sustains you not only through the coming months but for the rest of your life.

I am so honoured you have chosen to continue on with this journey, and I promise I will do my best not to let you down.

With much love,




Introduction from Jane Douglas

The Ultimate R.E.S.T. Practice

Final Message

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