The Unleashed Soul - The Light Touch Journey

This is the first stage of your journey to with The Unleashed Soul Practice. Level one is both a stand-alone package and also underpins the full Unleashed Soul journey.  Wherever you are in your spiritual development, a complete beginner or a ‘seasoned pro’, this is your starting point.


With this package you will learn 3 simple, creative and transformational practices rooted in the R.E.S.T. Practice 


You will answer important questions like:

  • What exactly is my soul?”
  • How do I connect with my soul when life keeps getting in the way?
  • How do I listen to what my soul wants to say to me?”


Through your practice you will unlock:    

  • gentle and profound wisdom directly from your soul
  • relaxation and inner peace with freedom from the grip of your habitual personality traits
  • joyful connection to your innate creativity


You will discover how to:

  • connect with your soul
  • hear the guidance, energy and presence that continually flows through your life
  • recognise the habitual ways your personality traits block access to the wisdom and messages your soul wants you to hear
  • find inner freedom – and stay free


You will learn:

  • The R.E.S.T. Practice - a simple, four-step mindful inquiry practice that will set your soul free and let you live from all that you are
  • How to use your Soul Map (based on the Enneagram of the personality) as a powerful visual tool to navigate the ways your personality traits block the wisdom and guidance of your soul
  • How to activate your inner creativity, and discover the joy of creativity as a vehicle for a deeper connection with your soul
  • To use your everyday challenges as the gateway to your soul
  • How to develop a deep, nourishing, and intimate connection with your soul – revealing the wisdom and messages it holds about the truth of your life it wants you to know

That's not all - You will ALSO get:

  • Six inspiring online video lessons that will take you step-by-step through 3 powerful and transformative practices to connect you to who you really are – to your true self, to your soul
  • The Power of R.E.S.T. Practice

A foundation practice for all your work where using your Soul Map, you will discover how to use your creative ability to direct your awareness on each part of your journey to your soul. How to explore your inner and outer experience and bring unconditional loving awareness to your practice

  • The Hello Soul Practice

A joyful and nourishing practice where you will learn to discover and get to know the specific essence of your Soul – your soul signature

  • The From Personality to Presence Practice

A practice that will help you to understand and explore your personality traits and habitual ways of responding in terms of the impact (often unconscious) that they have on you, physically, emotionally and spiritually

​PLUS - You will receive:

A beautifully presented package containing everything you need to get started with this unique spiritual practice as soon. as you open your parcel:

Your very own kraft card creative art journal containing:

  • A stunning foldable full scale (40cm x 40cm) colour copy of your soul map
  • A full colour insert which describes your personality type
  • 30 double-sided sheets of good quality card stock
  • 15 pre-coloured sheets for journaling ‘on the go’
  • 15 plain sheets ready for your mixed media adventures
  • A collection of 20 stunning tissue paper images
  • 40 tissue paper ‘soul messages’ to collage into your journal


Your very own ‘starter kit’ of materials designed to get you up and running right away which includes:

  • Three mandala stencils
  • Two paint pens
  • A bottle of PVA glue
  • A glue spreader


A 64-page booklet walking you step by step through three powerful guided practices

  • The Power of R.E.S.T Practice
  • The Hello Soul Practice
  • The From Personality to Presence Practice


A  link to a series of online videos to support your learning journey

​Plus lifetime access to our closed Facebook group, exclusive to those who are using The Unleashed Soul practice, where you will find:

  • Transformational Tuesdays - Weekly demonstrations of the R.E.S.T. Practice
  • Technique Thursdays - Weekly demonstrations of creative journaling techniques
  • Access to Q&A sessions with Jane Douglas
  • Weekly live Facebook and Zoom sessions with Jane
  • Inspirational blogs to deepen your understanding of your practice
  • Support, belonging and inspiration from like-minded people who are also on this journey


​Plus a free inspirational surprise gift!


All this for just 2 monthly payments of £45 each

- that’s the cost of just one take-away meal each month


Just £45 a month to learn this exciting and creative practice AND get a beautiful journal and all the stunning resources delivered to your door and lifetime access to our closed Facebook group - a community of like-minded people who are also on the Unleashed Soul journey.



Returns, Refunds and Replacement Policy

If you would like to read our Returns, Refunds and Replacement Policy, please click here >. 


Returns, Refunds and Replacement Policy

If you would like to read our Returns, Refunds and Replacement Policy, please click here >

The Unleashed Soul - The Light Touch Journey

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