Original Map Wall Art (select your personality type)

Original My Map Wall Art 

Designed for the home or office


Whilst the maps were originally intended as a tool for personal development we have had lots of requests for a collection of maps that can be displayed in the home or office. The Wall Art collection is a response to that request. There are four different home or office friendly collections to choose from.


They can be displayed in the home in lots of ways, here are some examples..


  • Singly in a study or office as a statement to describe YOU!
  • In twos to describe the personality types of you and your partner. (Very useful for bring understanding to each other’s ‘little ways!’)
  • In threes, fours or fives as a description of the personality types of your family.
  • All nine as a visually stunning display to raise discussion at the dinner table with guests!


They can also be displayed in the work place to illustrate

  • The personality types within a team
  • The personality types of a board of directors


The only limit to the ways these can be displayed is your imagination.


Each print is


40cm x 40cm (fits standard 16inch x 16inch frame sizes).

Printed on 250gm art paper.




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Original Map Wall Art (select your personality type)

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