Stage two of My Map to Soul Centric Coaching is for those who are serious about working at the deepest level with their clients. It is for those who wish to take their clients through the full ‘My Map to Freedom Experience’ and brand and niche themsleves as a Soul Centric Coach. Stage Two is taught through one to one coaching sessions with a master map practitioner.


During the one to one sessions you will be taught how to deliver the The ‘My Map to Freedom Experience’ to your clients.

The My Map to Freedom Expereince is a comprehensive and structured programme of six to eight face to face coaching sessions. For each of the six sessions, there are specific exercises, supporting materials and ‘homework’ for each session. It is a guided coaching process and is fully supported with comprehensive materials for both you and your client. You and your clients will have full access to the exercises and materials once you have completed your training.


Your training will begin by being allocated a master coach. Your coach will take YOU through the full My Map to Freedom Experience and work with you to ensure you are confident in delivering the programme to your clients. 


Stage two is a personal invitation to self-mastery. In your coaching sessions, you will do the specific exercises, read the supporting materials and commit to the ‘homework’ of the full My Map to Freedom Experience. You will be asked to put everything up for scrutiny and will be challenged to release old thoughts and belief patterns and do the hard work of releasing emotional wounding patterns. The aim is that you (like your clients who will follow you) will find the freedom from being held hostage by your ego and all its fears and demands, and learn to be who you really are. This is NOT a virtual experience and these sessions will be held in person.


Completion of this programme can lead to becoming a fully licensed Map Practitioner.  




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My Map to Soul Centric Coaching - Stage Two