This exciting two day workshop teaches you the Art and Science and of Soul Centric Coaching. 


The Science of Soul Centric Coaching is about learning the mechanics and methods of using the map. This involves learning the theories and principles upon which the map is built and the techniques used when taking clients through their map journey.


The Art of Soul Centric Coaching is about learning how to adopt a soul centric approach in your coaching. Learning to take a Soul Centric Coach approach is not like learning any other skill, it is actually learning a practice. Learning this practice can be really hard. It is hard because you get in your own way. You tell yourself 'it can’t be that simple', 'I should be being doing more, being clever, answering questions, solving problems... saving the world'. You get in your own way by telling yourself 'it can’t be enough’. Soul Centric coaching as a practice requires you to drop your usual armoured ways of being and show up. As a coaching practice it is an act of immense bravery and commitment. The practice of being truly soul centric involves a moment by moment commitment to dropping your armour and staying in full contact with the deepest aspect of who you are. Only then can the deepest aspect of your being connect with the deepest aspect of your client's being.  


Soul Centric Coaching is being able to be with another person and do nothing, say nothing, and add nothing. Just be. In a non-judgemental way. This way of being is magic, and things happen when it is around. People feel seen and heard and are free to find what is already within themselves.


Stage One is for you as a coach or helping professional if you want to use My Map to Freedom in combination with other techniques that you may already use in your coaching. This level will teach you everything you need to know to ensure you have full confidence in using the basic techniques of My Map to Freedom. 

You will be taught the techniques that will guide your clients to see first-hand their patterns of defence and closure, to see what is hidden behind their fears, doubts, and worries, and enable them to connect to the authentic aspect of themselves. It also brings highly specific psychological and spiritual insights into the ways your clients trap themselves in patterns of thinking, acting and feeling that stop them living life to the full.


At stage one you will learn: 


•How to use My Map to Freedom with your clients using the two core techniques

•The R.E.S.T. Process (at three levels)  

•The Five Map Meditations.

•The principles and practices of My Map to Freedom

•The psychological theories that underpin each layer of the map

•The nine maps and how they relate to the Enneagram of the Personality

•How to assure your clients find the ‘right’ map to freedom

•How to use the map and the R.E.S.T. Process to navigate a wide range of life issues






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My Map to Soul Centric Coaching - Stage One