A learning programme designed to bring you back to the present moment.  This course consists of:


  • Six downloadable lessons with inquiry exercises
  • Five downloadable guided meditations
  • One foldable map (to be posted)
  • One full scale map (40cm x 40cm) designed for the home or office (to be posted)
  • One A4 presence manifesto (to be posted)


Read on to discover all the things you will learn in each lesson...


Lesson One

During this lesson you will learn about the map itself, its structure and what it means for you, and you will also experience the primary ‘technique’ you will be using to work alongside your map… the power of Mindful Awareness.’

You will learn that Mindful Awareness is a specific kind of awareness that creates conscious distance from what you are experiencing whilst at the same time opening you up to your immediate experience. You will explore the importance of exercising the power of Mindful Awareness to become more present to your experiences without reacting to them and understand why this is vital to working with the map.


Lesson Two


To touch your now-ness is crucial to working with the map. In this session you will directly experience what now feels like for you. Using a guided meditation, you will come to know yourself as something beyond the confines of your personality and the wild emotions of your body. In this lesson you will learn to become aware of the difference between this space and your ordinary existence and directly experience the difference between how you feel when you are in the grip of your behaviours, thoughts and emotions and the felt sense of who you are in the now.


Lesson Three


In this lesson you begin exploring the outer layers of the map. By becoming acquainted with the outer layers of the map you will not only learn to recognise the unique ways you abandon the present moment, but also how you trap and imprison your unconditioned self. By coming to understand how rigidly you sustain the false identities of your conditioned self you will see clearly how you abandon the present moment. You will learn that what you now think of as your ‘normal’ personality traits are in fact a set of habitual strategies that ensures you either flee, fight or freeze your present moment experience.


Lesson Four

In this lesson you begin exploring the second layer of the map . By becoming acquainted with your unconscious thoughts and beliefs you will see how your thinking keeps you trapped in a mental whirlwind that means you can feel on top of the world one minute and down in the dumps the next. You will explore your self-justifications and self-judgements and how these two forms of thought are designed to keep you in a state of reactivity and separateness and have a direct effect on your ability to live in the moment, be authentic and connect deeply with those around you.


Lesson Five

In this session you will explore the third layer of the map and the domain of your needs and emotions. This layer of the map borders the unconditioned self because it is the gateway through which you must pass if you are to live undefended in the present moment.

Working with this third layer of the map is about bringing your unconditional awareness to your feelings without collapsing into them; it is to give your feelings total empathy and complete attention. You will learn that when you attend to what you feel in the moment those feelings relax and you are able to return fully to the present moment.


Lesson Six

The aim of this final lesson is to bring everything you have explored so far into one place. Here we present you with the tools to take on your onward journey with your map.

Tool One

The first tool is a guided meditation. This beautiful meditation is an invitation to simply open your map and let the words guide you back to the present moment. It lasts about ten minutes and is best done either at the start or the end of the day. The more you do this meditation the faster your map will become a powerful anchor to get you back to the present moment. Within a dozen visits you should find that glancing at the map will be enough to bring you back to the Now.


Tool Two

The second tool we are presenting is a simple structure of guided inquiry.

This simply inquiry focuses your awareness on working through the map rather than allowing your mind to unconsciously act out its usual reactive, habitual patterns. You will be deliberately guided through the map, beginning in the outer layers and ending in the centre.

The R.E.S.T. Process is a journey we intentionally choose to take. Just like the meditation, this is a journey that will lead you beyond any inner turmoil so that you can return to the present moment but unlike the meditation, this journey will point you to the specific ways you are avoiding the present moment.

Using this form of inquiry is about building spiritual muscle because it enables you to spot the precise ways you drop out of the present moment in the moment.


So, if you are ready to join many others who are learning how to use their map to live in the now the only thing you need to do is chose your map and add to cart!


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