My Map to Freedom Box Set (Select your personality type)


How to Live Unleashed & Alive by Jane Douglas. 


Have you noticed how hard it is to show people who you truly are and what you truly feel? How instead of being the real you, you hide yourself, your needs, your wants? You have been taught that if you don’t build massive walls of protection to defend yourself, you will get hurt. But your true self, is hiding behind those walls.


Just like the rest of us, you hide your true self so that you will get the approval and acceptance of others, and as a result, you suffer. You feel like a prisoner in your own life, playing small to fit in. You suppress your feelings, hide your true self away, becoming more and more numb until you don’t even notice that your life is living you – until your true self becomes quiet and small.


We have all had times when we have felt ourselves ‘come alive’. We talk about things that makes us ‘feel alive’. Your true self is the alive version of you and every time you hide, suppress or deny your true self you are denying yourself of life itself. 


In this ground-breaking book Jane Douglas shows you how to find and use your own Map to Freedom – a visual tool (rooted in the Enneagram) which will enable you to see yourself at a distance, bringing you new insights and awareness about all that you are and all that you do. She shares her step by step method to finding the freedom we have all been seeking in our lives. Based on her work with hundreds of people, her own experience of travelling this journey and driven by a belief that people are more than they think they are and that there is more to life than we think there is she tackles the question: “Surely there must be more to life than this?” and clearly and precisely points the way to what your more is and how to get it.


This book is not about the Enneagram, but rather uses the Enneagram personality types as a basis for understanding and bringing awareness to how you defend and protect yourself from living your life. It is first and foremost about developing a daily practice that will enable you to use the wisdom within to reconnect you with your true self and free yourself to live the live you were always meant to. To live as the real you – unleashed and alive!


In this book, you will discover:


  • simple and understandable guide to discovering which of the nine maps (based on the Enneagram Personality Types) is your own Map to Freedom, which will act as a powerful mirror leading you to understand how you limit and trap yourself causing you to feel a prisoner in your own life.
  • Astonishing and reflectionary insight into why you do what you do and the ways that you specifically keep yourself trapped in destructive behavioural patterns.
  • Your true self that you keep hidden under layer upon layer of protection and defence, preventing you from living the life that you were always meant to.
  • The powerful, four-step R.E.S.T. Process that will guide you on your journey through the layers of your map to living as your true self – free to be who you really are.
  • Essential guidance on how to work with your Map to Freedom at the three different levels and how to design your programme of work.


How to Live Unleashed & Alive – My Map to Freedom will help you to see, in a glance and with startling clarity how your personality traits, behaviours, thoughts, emotions, needs and fears keep your true self trapped. Hidden and small, preventing you from living your life in the way you were meant to. AND using your Map to Freedom and the R.E.S.T. Process it will show you how, in just minutes a day, you can finally find your freedom!


Your Boxset includes:

  • The Book “How to Live Unleashed and Alive”
  • 40cm x 40cm Foldable Working Map of your type



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My Map to Freedom Box Set (Select your personality type)

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