Mini Journal Starter Kit

Those who are signed up to the Unleashed Soul Programme will recieve these items as part of "The Power of Thought' Module.


For those who are on The R.E.S.T. Practice Journey this kit will give you the option of having an additional mini-journal using different formats of pages for your journaling.  Great for journaling 'on-the-go'!


In this kit you will get:


  • A mini Journal Cover - You can have this with or without a soul map insert. If you wish to have a soul map insert you will need to choose which of the nine soul maps is yours. If you do not know which soul map is yours then please follow this link to find out which of the nine soul maps is yours - find your map


  • 2 x Packets of mini journal pages - Collection 1 and Collection 2


  • A Single Media Kit - 3 Stencils, 4 Acylic Paint pens, PVA Glue and a Glue Spreader, White Acylic Paint and a Foam 'Brush'


  • A Booklet of stunning symbols and words to collage onto your pages


  • A bag of 'Soul Symbols' - 25 Circles and Frames PLUS 25 Flowers and Frames


  • A 'Kit Bag' to keep your journal in for your journaling on-the-go!



Mini Journal Starter Kit