Label Journal Starter Kit

Those who are signed up to The Unleashed Soul Programme will receive these goodies as part of the 'Crossing the Void' module.


For those who are on The R.E.S.T. Practice Journey this kit will give you the option of have an additional label journal using different formats of pages to expand your practice.  Really useful for journaling 'on-the'go'.


In this kit you will get:


  • A pack of 60 labels - 30 White and 30 Black


  • A kit bag to carry your labels for journaling on the go!


  • A single media kit which contains; 4 Acrylic Paint pens, PVA Glue and Spreader, White Acrylic Paint and foam 'brush.'


  • A label journal cover


  • A 16 page booklet of beautiful images and words to collage onto your labels


  • A pack of 'hearts' which contains 50 large white hearts, 50 large black hearts and 200 small black and white hearts



Label Journal Starter Kit