This product bundle contains the book ‘How to Live Unleashed and Alive’ and all 9 of the Foldable Working Maps. The bundle was created in response to a request from coaches who wanted to use the maps with their clients as an additional tool in their toolkit.


It is important to note that whilst the book explains everything you need to know about how to use the maps to find inner freedom and gives full details of the R.E.S.T. Process at all three levels (the core technique in using the map) the book was not specifically written for coaches.


If you wish to learn the depths and intracacies of using the map with your clients you may be interested in our My Map to Freedom Practitioner and Master Practitioner programmes which will be coming to this site very soon.


Alternatively, if you wish to learn how to use the map to deepen your own personal journey as a helping professional, then we have an on-line programme called ‘My Map to becoming a Soul Centric Coach.’ available in our shop section.




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How to Live Unleashed & Alive by Jane Douglas + Full Set of 9 Working Maps