Your Journal includes:


  • A kraft cardboard folder (ring punched) 9inch x 9inch
  • 30 double sided sheet of 350gm card stock 
  • A 28 page short guide to using your map
  • 40cm x 40cm Foldable Working Map of your type


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A kraft cardboard folder (ring punched) 9inch x 9inch


Made from heavy weight kraft board this folder is punched with a standard two hole punch so that you can easily add pages to your journal. It has a plain cover ready for you to personalise it using your favorite media. The binder rings are made heavy weight bronze metal and easily open and close.


30 double sided sheets of 350gm card stock 


These sheets of card stock have a faint white/grey background of painted circles. This can easily be painted over for those who wish to paint their own backgrounds or can be written on for those who prefer to doodle, write and collage. The card stock is 350gm which is a heavy weight card. 

NB; We also have black card stock pages available for your journal.


A 28 page guide to using your map


In your guide you will discover simple and understandable explanations about your map and how your personality type blocks access to your soul. It will explain some of why you do what you do. The guide will also explain the powerful, five-step Map Journaling Process that will guide you on your journey through the layers of your map to re-connect with your soul.

NB; This guide does not aim to teach art journaling technqiues. Whilst it talks about which technqiues to use at each stage of the journey it does not teach you how to do them. These techniques are taught on our social media channels.


40cm x 40cm Foldable Working Map of your type


Your full scale map folds down to 8inch x 8inch and is attached to the inner cover of your journal. This full colour version of your map is the key tool for your Map Journaling and is attached to your journal so you can have it to hand at all times.


NB; If you would like a non folded version of your map to put on your wall for easy reference, they are available in a range of designs in our shop. Look for 'Wall Art' versions of the map.  




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