• Jane Douglas

Your Pulse - The Power Within?

I was sitting in the hospital watching the nurse take my mother’s pulse and was struck by the miraculous nature of this small, rarely noticed sensation that can be located in our wrist. We use it as a way of assessing how ‘well’ someone is and it’s the method we use to check for signs of life.

Then another thought came along.

 “If I could listen to what my pulse had to say, what would it say to me about how alive I am right now?”

I didn’t actually have to feel my pulse to find the answer. My pulse told me that I was worried and stressed and this was resulting in me being barely ‘alive’ at all. It told me that I most definitely wasn’t present and that I needed to take some deep breaths, have an early night and do some meditation.

As I sat there listening to my pulse, I noticed how forceful it was being with me, and it needed to be because this week, although I have been functioning I have certainly not been ‘alive’. I needed waking up!

It’s not the first time I have been absent from my life and we all spend times when we sleepwalk through our days doing the things that help us cope. Watching mindless t.v, drinking the odd glass of wine, resorting to overeating – just to get through.

But once you take the time to listen to what your pulse has to say, you begin to connect with the part of your inner being that has remained hidden from you for so long. Your life-force. Once you make contact with your life-force you feel stronger and more resilient. You can sit with your challenges, present and fully aware of what you are experiencing in the now.

Sure, I was still worried about what was happening to Mum, but somehow it did not feel so difficult. It was almost as though listening to my pulse, being present, penetrated my fears—or, more exactly, in my case the denial of my fears. Listening to my pulse had enlivened, every particle of my mental, emotional and physical being.

I felt energised. I felt alive. 

So next time you are struggling with something, why not listen to your pulse and ask it how you should go forward? You may be surprised by what you hear.

Jane Douglas

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