• Jane Douglas

You don't get medals for being strong

You won’t get a medal for being strong and pushing through life, there are no prizes, no guarantees of a better life if you do these things.

Sure, you might feel good about yourself, for a while. But that doesn’t last does it? It’s not long before the exhaustion kicks in.

You have to stop believing that you have to prove yourself in some way to deserve

admiration, respect or love.

You don’t have to prove your worth to anyone.

It’s just your ego making you think you have to prove yourself, it's your ego stealing your inner freedom.

As you begin to look at who you are you beyond your egoic patterns you can see that what

lies underneath this drive to be strong and push through is your long-neglected need for approval, and when you dig even deeper you can even sense old hurts about not being good enough and lovable.

When you take a moment to breathe into these hurt places you can come to accept and

even admire the parts of you that feel unlovable, shameful and even ugly. Then you truly

know that you don’t have to and never have had to prove yourself to anyone, this is when you take real steps to inner freedom.

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