• Jane Douglas

You are gorgeous

Although Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul is a spiritual path for many it is also a human path. This practice has everything to do with being human.

Sure, it is about your relationship with your deepest self, but it is also about your relationship with your human longing for safety, with the real person you look at in the mirror who is begging for connection and even the you who is looking for acknowledgement that you matter.

We are gorgeously messy human beings. Imperfect and unfinished. Creative Journaling to Unleash the Soul is about becoming willing to be raw, vulnerable, naked with what is going on in your very human life. To admit that you do not know, to admit your mistakes, to admit that you are forever learning. To cry, to shake, to speak your terrifying human truth, to reveal to your pages your mess.

When you stop pretending that you are in control, perfect or somehow ‘above’ all this mess you can connect more deeply than ever with the wisdom of your soul. That is why the ‘S’ in the R.E.S.T. Process is about surrender. It is about surrendering the act of pretending, surrendering to your human imperfections, your vulnerability, your awe and your wonder, your fallibility, your not knowing and your tender heart, because only when you have surrendered and ACCEPTED all that you are can you move to BE all that you are.

Personally, I believe that our very ordinary lives are the gateway to our soul. All you need to do is use your journal to guide you down the path and to the door.