• Sandra Hughes

Will the real me please stand up?

Daughter, sister, wife and mother.

Teacher, friend, all of these smother the fear I feel.

The guilt, the shame, I hide them all.

Forget the same reasons I have to hide from you,

are those I have to deny me too.

Losing myself I forget my name.

I quiet my voice beneath my shame.

Be what you want, be something new.

Change my face to comfort you.

Until forgotten, quiet and small, my self stays hidden,

safe from all the pain, until the need to Be calls out softly.

Begging me to be released, to be set free,

to break its traps and show you Me.

Yearning for its place, its home,

It knows just how you feel alone.

Until it finds its rightful place,

bravely showing its true face.

Joyfully finding it can be free.

Finding it was always me.


#TrueSelf #SelfAwareness #Wellbeing #Authenticity #EmotionalWounds