• Jane Douglas

Why we all need to get emotionally naked

We really do need to rest more. We all do.

The kind of rest I am talking about here is not the kind that comes from doing nothing, from inactivity, but the rest that comes from putting down the weight of your armoured self. When I am coaching, I often see a profound tiredness in the eyes that look back at me. I can feel the weariness that the weight of their armour creates and sense their desire to let go and cast it off, even if it is for just a few moments.

In a coaching relationship, we give each other permission to cast aside our armour and rest. To lay it down for a short while and take a break. It would be easy to dismiss this as a kind of sticking plaster, but this short moment spent emotionally naked with another is sometimes all it takes to help someone take a long-awaited rest. And in those moments of rest, in the shedding of the armour we can feel what inner freedom is for us.

Jane Douglas

#Soul centric coaching #awareness