• Sandra Hughes

Why use the map everyday?

I’ve been struggling lately. Struggling with sadness, regret, fear, and doubt.  I have a decision that I simply can’t make at the moment and it is constantly on my mind and sometimes it feels like I am fighting a battle with negativity and it’s winning.

From the work I do with others, I know this is a common place to be. The mind never stops. Mine is really busy making up stories, judging me, worrying, asking ‘what if’ and the resulting negative thoughts and emotions are hard to manage – and positive thinking just can’t stand up to the onslaught of this level of negativity. When you are in a situation that is emotionally distressing, your mind keeps you trapped in pain and it can be hard to find your way out. You become exhausted and desperate to find peace.

But the peace you need can only be found within. We were born with this and it never leaves us. It is always there but we forget it. We lose our ability to connect with it and even forget it is there. And if you have forgotten where peace can be found, don’t even remember that it exists, then it doesn’t enter your consciousness as an option so what chance do you have of finding it?

Peace isn’t always easy to access, even when you do know it’s there, but the map helpsit connects you with your true self again. It helps you to remember that peace is within you. That you can find it. The map is the ‘how’ to find it. It is literally a map to finding the freedom you need and using the map every day makes the route more familiar, making it more likely you will be able to find what you need when you need it the most.

At the moment I am using my map as a reminder that my answer lies within. It is my anchor in my distress and pain, showing me how my mind keeps me trapped there – and when I become lost just glancing at my map guides me back to my true self, reminding me that I already have everything I need to be free.


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