The unexpected purpose of having a practice

Two weeks ago, if you had asked me what a practice is for, I would have said that the purpose is to help you navigate life with more inner peace. To help you be more present and orient your awareness inwards so that you can connect to the deepest aspect of yourself. I would even have written you a bullet-pointed list. But over the last two weeks, I have been shown something I didn't know about having a regular practice. You see, over the last two weeks, I have not managed to get to my practice at all. Not once because I have been a full-time carer for my Mum. Those of you living around a loved one with cancer will know the effect this illness can have on your life. You will be all too aware of the bottomless pits of grief and despair and the giddy heights of relief and happiness. The relentless cycle of emotions that can wear down the best of us. So