• Jane Douglas

What co-created coaching means to a Soul Centric Coach

I often wonder what is meant by the term ‘co-created coaching’. As a Soul Centric Coach to me it has something to do with building bridges in which both parties get to create and heal.

In a soul centric coaching relationship, the bridge between the coach and the client is crossed many times in any conversation and is the ground upon which you both meet heart to heart and soul to soul.

In the early days this bridge needs to be built of some pretty strong materials to hold the weight of our mutual wounds. It needs to be made of qualities such as trust, courage, truth curiosity and love. to name but a few.

But once such a bridge is finished there is nothing that cannot be healed and nothing that cannot be co-created.

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How many times have you crossed the bridge of co-creation as a coach? Have you ever experienced such deep and meaningful connection?

Jane Douglas