• Jane Douglas

Understanding the True Self

In order to understand the true self, you have to experience it. First hand.

Understanding what the true self is will take some effort on your part. The first thing you must understand is that the true self is beyond thought because the true self is not a physical thing. Any verbal description of true self is in danger of adding an ‘ideal’ that will become another barrier to you experiencing the very thing you are looking for.

If you imagine a big vessel containing water. The water within the vessel is perfectly still. There are no droplets, or ripples, no movement. Now image that you have picked up a wooden spoon and are beginning to stir the water, the water is going around quite fast, you would notice that the water is crashing into the edges of the pot and there is a lot of motion and activity.

This represents you and your daily actions. This is you moving at your fastest with thousands of thoughts emotions and actions represented on the outer edges of the pot. However, if you looked closely you would also notice that in the centre the water is almost motionless, much like the eye of the hurricane. In the very centre there is in fact stillness. This stillness is always there, but because your attention is absorbed with all the motion on the outer edges of the pot you cannot perceive the stillness that is within.

The true self is in the stillness of the present moment.

If you wish to find your true self, you must become aware of the stillness of the present moment.

The true self is not one huge whirlpool of thoughts and emotions and activity. The true self does not have a shape or form. The true self is complete ‘objective awareness’; it sees everything as it really is in the present moment. Because the true self is beyond your thoughts, feeling and actions it is not distorted in anyway and is totally impartial. The true self is beyond desire, it is beyond fear.

If you pulled the wooden spoon out of the pot the water would eventually slow down and stop. At that point you would be able to see the true self and listen to its wisdom. The minute you stop stirring the pot you will enter into the present moment and your struggling will come to an end.

Taken from the book ‘How to Live Unleashed & Alive –

My Map to Freedom’ © Jane Douglas 2018

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