• Jane Douglas


Drowning under a sea of exquisite emotions. You kick out for the surface of a life you can longer find.

Your inner ground lost in the tidal wave of undefended love.

Wave after wave breaks open your defended heart, revealing part of you that you never understood,

but have hungered to know.

Seconds before your complete surrender a question bobs into the surface of your awareness, smashed free from the shell of your defences.

“If this all ends, could you bear the pain?”

No answer is required, the question knows what you will do before you do.

With one kick of rejection you return to the surface.

Gasping in the air you are returned to what is known,

the land where things are safe, the land whose shores

are furthest away from the depths of your being.

The chance for undefended love washed away once again.

Jane Douglas

#Purpose #LettingGo