• Jane Douglas

Throw away the empty toilet rolls!

Are empty toilet rolls a cause of irritation in your household? They certainly are in mine!

There they sit. Those cardboard cylinders Long ago finished with, but invisible to

the naked eye... it seems.

Why are they left hanging around? Two reasons I suspect. Either we have become blind to them or we simply can't be bothered to take the short walk to the dustbin.

Empty toilet rolls are like many of your finished with ways of thinking and acting. Their original function (usually to keep you safe) has long ago ended and now they hang around waiting for you to ‘see' them and take them the short walk to the dustbin.

The question is, what old habits of yours are cluttering up space and stealing your inner freedom? And is inner freedom enough of a motivation for you to summon the energy to walk to the dustbin?

Jane Douglas

#innerfreedom #self-awareness