• Jane Douglas

This is what happens if you coach when your heart (and soul) isn't in it

When you agree to coach someone in a Soul Centric way you are committing to something much more than agreeing to help another person go about their daily life. You are committing to a sacred relationship which will connect you at the deepest level of your being.

This commitment should not be undertaken lightly or in haste. It requires that you ask yourself if your heart is in it and if you have the inner freedom required to bear your soul.

You see, in a soul centric coaching relationship, there is an invisible thread that, if followed end to end, touches the bottomless unfathomable depths of their being. If your heart and soul are not visible, if you are not free, you are potentially leaving some poor soul stranded in the abyss with nothing to guide them back home.

Jane Douglas

#coaching #connection