• Jane Douglas

The Waiting Game

Have you noticed just how elusive happiness can be? How you always seem to be waiting for something to happen before you can have it?

Maybe you are waiting to move house, find the perfect partner or a better job or for something else that will happen one day?

Most people spend their lives looking to the future, waiting for their happiness to arrive.

But if you are honest with yourself, if you take a moment to really think about it, you know in your heart that the happiness you will get from these things will not last and that sooner or later you will be chasing something new, something to keep the hope alive that one day you will find the thing that will make you truly happy.

Believing that your happiness is dependent on something that will happen in the future, on things being different one day leaves you trapped in the waiting game. An endless cycle of searching for some ‘thing’ that will make you happy, disappointment when it doesn’t last and more searching for something else. Stuck in a state of waiting, constantly looking to your future for your happiness and rarely being happy in your present.

Happiness in the present moment is not dependent on waiting for some ‘thing’ to happen. Happiness in the present moment is about inner freedom. Freedom from inner conflict, depression, uneasiness, discontent, boredom, heartache, fear, guilt and a host of other things that are all to do with how you feel now – not how you will feel in the future if/when circumstances outside of yourself come around.

Don’t wait for some thing or somebody to bring you your happiness. Live your life right now, not in the regrets of the past or the fear of the future but in the joy of the present.

The truth is that true happiness is found within. In living your life as your true self. Free to be you.

You don’t have to wait to be happy.

Jane Douglas

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