• Jane Douglas

The surprising truth about reaching your limits.

Reaching your limits is a rare and wonderful thing. Why? Because at the edge of your limits is a choice. Backwards or forwards. Backwards is choosing to stretch your limits even further, possibly to breaking point. To re-join the thousands who are also stretching their limits, running from the fear of nothingness.

Suprisingly, forwards is choosing to take off your running shoes and rest. To spend time surrendering to your limits and saying,

‘That’s it, I can take no more, I have had enough!”

When you have reached this place you are being your most beautiful and vulnerable self. Here is the place where others can see behind your armour to the real you, the human who cannot ‘do it all’ after all. Here lies the place of true connection.

When you reach your limits, it feels like a desperate place, a place where all reference points of control have gone. But if you allow yourself to stop, to rest and to breathe you will find that they are a gateway to your true self. But you will never know if you keep stretching your limits; if you keep running.

Jane Douglas

#LettingGo #TrueSelf #Freedom