• Jane Douglas

The quiet magic of acceptance

Pulling yourself into your exercise gear you feel the nerves kick in. The gear is new for the occasion, your first visit to the gym in YEARS. Knowing you will feel shame if you look in the mirror, you ignore catching sight of yourself, and dash out of the door.

When you arrive you look nervously into the instructor's eyes. The gaze that comes back is warm and genuine, there is real connection. You feel your heart swell with gratitude. Right in this moment he is your saviour. He tells you that you can be fit, you can be healthy, you can lose the weight. Tears sneak out from behind your eyes, he doesn’t flinch at your tears and holds the space for them to fall.

He talks for a long time about the science of getting fit and losing weight, and a little about the emotional journey too. He shares his story, his journey to fitness. The connection grows.

And then he says ‘Right, let’s go and do some exercise’ and he leads you into the bowels of the gym.

Your shame is so deep it fills the space between you, as he shows you what he wants your body to do. Thoughts of “I can’t do that!’ are so close to the surface that can hear them. He believes you can do it and to your own surprise, you do.

As you leave, you feel your body in a way that you haven’t for years. It feels stretched and painful but it also feels alive, as though ripped from a deep sleep.

Travelling home, you consider what is enabling you to feel optimistic and positive about this journey back to health. You realise it is to do with one man who was able to hold a space of quiet acceptance and not flinch at what he saw. You realise, perhaps for the first time, the power of this quiet magic called ‘acceptance’ on this journey to inner freedom, and understand the power of your work in the world as you never have before.

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