• Jane Douglas

The Pushy One

There is a voice inside of you that is always pushing. ‘The Pushy One’ I call it.

At this time of year ‘The Pushy One’ gets particularly ‘pushy’ as it screams at you to get organised, get clear, take actions, right down your goals…’Come on!’ it yells…’Do it, do it now or before you know it the year will have gone and you will have wasted it!’

The voice of The Pushy One is loud, insistent and even has a bullying edge to it. When you run to the beat of your pushy voice with its demands for action you feel as though you are clutching at things, confused about the ‘right course’, and grappling around in desperation for what you ‘should’ be doing with your life. Yes, you feel profoundly disconnected from yourself when in the grip of The Pushy One.

Thankfully there is an ever-present sanctuary of warmth and peace far away from The Pushy One. A place of inner freedom that never leaves you even though you think it has. The place of inner freedom is deep inside of you and at any moment, you can come home to this place and bathe 'The Pushy One' with awareness. Breathe deeply into its demands and make it peaceful again.

You can find peace with life again from this place.

And, you may even hear another voice whilst resting in this place. A gentler and kinder voice, whispering exactly what you need to hear about your next small step as you enter the New Year. This voice will never ask you to clutch, rush or otherwise grab at answers. Take a moment to allow the quiet voice of your inner wisdom to be heard. Just be present and listen…what is the voice of inner wisdom saying to you, what is your next step?

#innerfreedom #awareness