Who were you before the world got its hands on you?

Do you remember when you were younger, when life seemed simpler and happiness just seemed to be a natural way of being? A time when you didn’t care what the world thought, as a matter of fact, you rarely even gave the outside world a thought. How easy it was to lose yourself in your own little world, how completely engrossed you could become with a simple colouring book and some crayons and how safe that felt, how certain it was and how at home you felt in the world of play – creativity was your essential nature.

Back before the world got its hands on you and life became a more serious business, creativity was at the centre of everything you did – as a child you couldn’t have learned without being able to imagine, without being able to give yourself wholeheartedly to your experience. Being able to lose yourself in the world of play, imagination, and creative expression was essential to your learning and to making sense of the world.