Who were you before the world got its hands on you?

Do you remember when you were younger, when life seemed simpler and happiness just seemed to be a natural way of being? A time when you didn’t care what the world thought, as a matter of fact, you rarely even gave the outside world a thought. How easy it was to lose yourself in your own little world, how completely engrossed you could become with a simple colouring book and some crayons and how safe that felt, how certain it was and how at home you felt in the world of play – creativity was your essential nature.

Back before the world got its hands on you and life became a more serious business, creativity was at the centre of everything you did – as a child you couldn’t have learned without being able to imagine, without being able to give yourself wholeheartedly to your experience. Being able to lose yourself in the world of play, imagination, and creative expression was essential to your learning and to making sense of the world.

But as you got older, the world began to frown on creative pursuits and they became less important than being productive, achieving results, and you were conditioned to believe that it was time to ‘put away childish things’ and be a responsible adult.

"The best evidence of human creativity is our trajectory through life. We create our own lives. And these powers of creativity, manifested in all the ways in which human beings operate, are at the very heart of what it is to be a human being." – Sir Ken Robinson

How long has it been since you had one of those moments where you were so caught up in what you were doing that time just seemed to fly past? When what you were doing was just completely joyful – something that you loved to do instead of something you felt you should be doing? What a glorious feeling it is – that freedom - whether you are baking, writing, singing, dancing, painting – anything that puts you in touch with your creative nature feels so natural, so completely freeing and so much like coming home. Creativity is the gateway to connection with who you are at your core – the way to connect with your very soul. It uplifts you, refreshes and renews you and takes you back to who you were before the world got its hands on you. It is a spiritual experience and is essential to your wellbeing. One of the greatest gifts The R.E.S.T. Practice can give you is that it does just that – it uses your innate creativity to take you back to who you were before the world got its hands on you. It connects you back to a time when you knew where your centre of balance was, when you knew how to feel grounded, when you knew that happiness was your natural state. With every brushstroke in your journal, you will bring yourself closer to your unconditioned self, walking yourself back home. This is the place where you want your words and actions to come from. This is the place you want to make your decisions from, the place you want to connect with those you love from and the place you want to speak and take your place in the world from. Whenever you feel yourself drifting away from the quiet centre of your soul you simply need to return to your practice, and it will lead you back. The more you practice returning to this space, nurturing your relationship with your soul, the harder it is to get lost in the first place. Jane xx