The Dive Inwards

Your creative journaling contains is its own cure, if you are willing to dive in, and surrender.

The dive inwards is everything.

Most of the time, you and I, we run from the dive inwards, keeping busy just to avoid it, never coming to know and experience its potential.

Most of the time, you and I, we reach outwards, habitually, automatically, unconsciously, just to keep our distance from the dive, just to avoid the deafening silence in the centre of our being.

Your default, my default, is to fill up our time and senses, addict ourselves to projects, create false personas on social media, never letting ourselves rest, to avoid “space” at all cost.

But as we journey with our creative practice, we learn that whilst the dive inwards may be uncomfortable at times, it is not harmful at all, it is a full and life-giving immersion into a connection to all living things.

The dive inwards is not the leap into dark emptiness it appears to be but a jump into full presence. It is inner freedom and surrender all at once. When you journal, you stop running for a while and with the courage to be still, you come to know the dive inwards has healing and transformative powers.