• Jane Douglas

Ten more minutes please

Every morning its the same old pattern. Hit the snooze button for ten more minutes

in bed. Ten more minutes to finish that dream, curl up even tighter, to enjoy that beautiful space between sleep and waking.

But when that 'ten more minutes' is invaded by taking a quick look at your phone, finishing your mental ‘to do’ list, or daydreaming about the weekend, then you know what you are really doing is putting off starting your day.

I once counted up those ‘ten more minutes’ and I worked out that I was spending one whole month a year (or 2.5 years so far) putting off starting the day…was that a REAL wake up call?

Oh yes!

Inner freedom is about giving up avoidance of life as a way of being. It is about feeling fully alive no matter the circumstances, it is a warrior's path that anyone can choose to take. There is one pre-requisite though... you need to get out of bed first!

Jane Douglas

#self-awareness #innerfreedom