Start where you are.

I believe that art journaling is one of the most powerful routes to transformation and inner freedom. This belief is born out of my personal experience of the darkness I felt in the depth of the pandemic. Art journaling led me by the hand from the darkness to the light, from confusion to clarity, from ugliness to beauty, from pain to healing.

When you create using the R.E.S.T. Practice you start from where you are, from what you RECOGNISE your direct experience to be. As you delve into the EXPLORE section of the practice you describe what you are feeling and begin to give shape and form to those feelings. As you move into the SURRENDER stage you allow everything to be as it is and finally as you move into the TRANSFORM stage you listen to the wisdom of your soul.

What reveals itself through this practice is the innate wisdom in us all, because no matter where you start the practice your journaling will always lead you somewhere meaningful, empowering, somewhere that casts light on where you have been and what you have experienced. Art journaling leads you through your most challenging times and out to the other side.

The R.E.S.T. Practice is a pathway to light, clarity, transformation and healing. When you practice you will always have the power to make your world a better place and as a result you will page by page transform the world in which we all live.