• Jane Douglas

Seeing the Invisible

So here’s the thing. I think most people can relate to idea of being present and living in the now, and if we can’t relate to that we can all recognise the joy that arises when we are free from everyday concerns such as how to pay the bills, guide our troubled child or mend a broken relationship.

But, for most of the time our everyday concerns are not the reason we cannot stay present, or feel the joy of life. Challenging though our outer circumstances may be, what mostly decides whether we stay present enough to enjoy life is down to another force entirely, your ego. Much of our suffering comes from the ways the ego ‘helps’ us navigate our external circumstances.

‘Ego’ is a much misunderstood word because it is often used to described someone who is arrogant, loud or overly self-interested. Actually this is only part of the story, your ego is more than that. Your ego is the invisible part of you that wants to keep things in control and keep you safe. This vital but invisible part of your psyche sprung into existence when you first ‘met the world’ and it has done a sterling job of invisibly keeping you safe, getting your needs met and ensuring that you fit in. But in doing all of this it has invisibly developed strategies and ways of coping that put a dead stop to your ability to stay in the moment.

So how do we see the invisible?

The way to spot the ego at work is through your personality traits because many of your inborn personality traits have been invisibly highjacked by the ego in its endeavours to keep control.

The problem is, and it is the problem, that we do not see our personality traits as strategies to keep us safe. We are so attached to them we cannot see anything ‘wrong’ with them. They are, we tell ourselves, who we are.

But, if you are truly interested in staying present and living in the now, then one of your first tasks is to make visible your habitual patterns of behaviour (your personality traits) and fully recognise that they are in fact ego driven ways of coping with everyday life that are robbing you of your ability to live in the now. You have to feel  the barriers they are creating between you and the present moment.

My Map to Freedom was first and foremost designed as a visual tool to help you stay in the present moment. Its intention is to make visible the invisible by showing you the specific ways you are stopping yourself actually living in this very precious moment. It is a real map. You can hold it in your hands, spill wine on it, cry over it, or put it on the wall.

If you have committed to living in the moment, or are just waking up to the truth that this is what life is about, then maybe My Map to Freedom can help you to see what is invisible in your life, and in that seeing maybe it could set you free.

You can find your own Map to Freedom here

(Me? My dominant personality trait, and therefore my Map to Freedom, is that of the “Teal Peacemaker.”)

Jane Douglas

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