• Jane Douglas

Meeting Your Ego

A day with your ego.

Imagine that it is a glorious winter’s day, the sun is shining, the air is crisp and clear and you have just had a good meditation session. You are going about your day, managing to stay present, aware and awake, and then out of the blue…


Walking towards you is a work colleague you have been struggling to be with lately.

The ego leaps on this unexpected event in an instant. ‘Yes!’ it thinks ‘I can use this to put an end to this nonsense.’ Immediately it begins to consider which strategy to use, and let’s face it, it has a whole bunch to choose from (none of which you are consciously aware of by the way).’Mmm, shall I go for being overly friendly, or maybe being a bit aggressive, or shall I go with pretending everything is fine?’ ‘Nope. I am going to go with being sceptical. I haven’t used that one for ages.  Besides, I suspect she is beginning to suspect the ‘overly friendly’ card is a strategy, so I need to mix it up a bit!’

Before you know it, you are viewing your colleague through the eyes of the sceptic. Your thoughts are dark and filled with suspicion and your behaviour has become closed and distant. You have fallen out of present moment awareness and ego has won the day again.

One stilted conversation later, you walk away muttering ‘Why does she always do that to me? Why do I always allow her to affect me like that? She always pulls me out of being able to be present, why can’t I just maintain that?’

The truth is it wasn’t really her that took you away from the present moment. Sure, she was the trigger for your ego, but it was the ego with its invisible strategies that actually took you away from the present moment.

Can you see the difference? Can you see that if there had not been this invisible force within you that had come up with the idea of being sceptical you stood a chance of having an open honest conversation rooted in you staying present. But the ego does not want you to do that. It perceives it as dangerous and uncontrollable, it would rather keep you safe than set you free.

If you want to stay present in the face of life’s challenges, then you need to become aware of the invisible strategies the ego uses to sabotage your every move.

My Map to Freedom is about revealing what is invisible to you. It is about showing you the strategies the ego uses to stop you staying in the present moment and living a life of freedom and happiness. Used as a daily check-in you can learn to detect the ego at work, you can learn to spot the invisible and like a monster under the bed, once you can see it for what it is, its power instantly vanishes.

Jane Douglas

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