• Jane Douglas

Is your business a trap?

How you can become trapped in your business – and what you can do about it.

Entrepreneurs start their own business because they see an opportunity for freedom. Individual freedom is highly prized and running your own business means you have the freedom to be your own boss, to make the decisions and direct your own course.

So, you work hard, you build your business, you are in charge, you have the house, the car, the holidays. You are independent, and you are successful.

You’ve done it.

You’ve got it made.


If you’ve got everything you set out to get, then why do you feel that there is still something missing?

Why is it that instead of finding the freedom and fulfilment you thought would come along with running your own business, it feels as though you are trapped.

You tell yourself how lucky you are. There are thousands of people out there who would give anything to be where you are now. But it doesn’t matter how many times you tell yourself that you should be grateful, that you have made it, that this is it. The truth is, it isn’t.

Then the thought kicks in, so if I got it all wrong what the hell do I do now? Is it so wrong to want something more? Why aren’t I satisfied? Why do I feel so trapped by everything I ever thought I wanted?

Instead of the freedom you expected from running your business, you end up feeling trapped and if this isn’t ‘It’, then you don’t know what to do. It wasn’t meant to be like this and you feel guilty for even thinking about complaining. Look what you’ve got when so many people have so much less.

Instead of building a business that would set you free, it feels more like you have built a prison.

It wasn’t meant to be this way and…

It doesn’t have to be.

It’s not wrong to want freedom – you’ve just been looking for it in all the wrong places!

Your freedom has nothing whatsoever to do with how ‘successful’ your business is, how much money it brings you, or how many of the outward indicators of success you enjoy. These will work for a while, but eventually the dissatisfaction, the feeling of being trapped creeps back. So you literally fall into another trap – make more money, try a new business venture, work harder, try harder, numb the difficult emotions and the doubting inner voices.

There is a part of you that knows that what you are searching for, knows that your real freedom, cannot be found by anything in your outer world. Real freedom can only be found within. It comes from being able to live your life free of inner conflict, free of doubt, fear and guilt. Free to be you and to live each and every moment of your life as the authentic you. The real you. Your true self.

We all grow up hiding our true selves. We grow up learning to protect ourselves from ridicule, rejection and disapproval, presenting an image of who we are that we believe others will accept, like and love. We have our own special inner fears, rarely recognised, but always there – fear of not being good enough, change and the unknown. Imagine being able to be fully yourself in your business. To be able to be free to be authentic, honest and live your truth.

Finding your inner freedom is the key to living a life where you are able to feel unleashed and fully alive!

Just image what this will bring to your business!

Being your authentic self, able to speak your truth and do what you genuinely want to do will transform the way you do business and the way you live your life.

Jane Douglas

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