• Jane Douglas

Is there such a thing as the human spirit?

In a world that can seem indifferent to our spiritual nature, where we are often urged to stop believing, to give up seeking, and to come to our senses, it is surprising that so many of us persist in the search for our soul.

But I know the human spirit exists. Watching my Mother start her 8th round of chemo, I know this for certain.

If you doubt it, all you have to do is look into the eyes of my Mother and feel her determination to live. You would see that Mum’s severely weakened physical heart is strengthened through her unstoppable spiritual heart. And if you were wondering if Mum gets her strength from a religious belief, she does not. Her strength comes from deep within and is firmly rooted in living a human life for as long as it exists.

So, if you meet me in person, think carefully before you tell me there is no such thing as the human spirit, and if you do please do not be surprised if I tell you very firmly that you are wrong.

Jane Douglas