• Jane Douglas

Is it Chicken Soup or Jelly & Cake that is Good for the Soul?

Something weird happens to us when we gossip about our friends who are struggling through a tough time. Our voices lower with an air of sympathetic superiority as we talk about the ways they are not handling things, how they are losing it, and even how they are failing!

I think we need to radically change the way we discuss our lowest moments and begin embracing them rather than sympathizing them away. If we choose it, these times can become sacred moments to open to something much more real.

As a coach I am lucky enough to spend time with people who are often buried underneath the weight of their human challenges. What I see during this work is a human who is on the edge but If I look beyond that edge, I see someone who is poised to make a break for their freedom.

So instead of serving our friends chicken soup in bed, let’s set the table with our best and finest dinner set, eat jelly and cake and invite our souls to a party. In fact, screw the cutlery let’s eat with our hands!

Jane Douglas

#coaching #acceptance #authenticity