• Jane Douglas

Is awareness the same as meditation?

The awareness you practice in your journal is about becoming intimate with the state you find yourself in at this present moment, this day, this now. That is what the Explore part of the R.E.S.T. Process aims to do, what you aim to do as you free-write on your page, to become familiar with its textures, tastes, vibrations, contractions and aches.

Meditation is the same. It’s a full experience of the body and its ever-changing sensations.

Awareness and meditation do not always make you feel “good”. In both, you feel exactly as you feel, and through your journaling, you learn to love that, or at least to allow it, or at least to tolerate it a little more than you did yesterday. Both make you feel more real, a little more alive.

When we talk about ‘the journey’ of reconnecting with your soul in your journaling practice we do not talk about getting anywhere. It’s about discovering that there is nowhere to get to. That you are already connected.

When we bring loving awareness to the surrender part of the R.E.S.T. Process it is about discovering true safety in finding a sanctuary in your heart, relaxing the mind into the heart, finding true grounding in your body. Your journaling does not make this happen, your journaling allows you to fall into it.

You do not need to have practiced meditation or Loving Awareness for years before you ‘get it'. Both are also for absolute beginners who are willing to face their present experience with wide open, curious eyes.

Both awareness and meditation are a field of love, an ever-present feeling of safety, presence and stillness and it is this that you practice when you come to your journal, it is what you tend to forget in your every-day life.

Yes, my friends, awareness is meditation and meditation is awareness. They are the same. Both have the capacity to set you free.

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