• Jane Douglas

How proud are you of being strong enough?

How proud are you of the fact that you can handle strong feelings? That you can cope in the face of adversity? That you are not affected by life’s challenges? That you endure?

I admire your capacity to endure, I really do.

To be here in the world as a survivor is no small achievement, but I kindly suggest that you are missing the point about strength.

True strength lies in the willingness to embrace difficult feelings.

To let them move through to the edges of your overwhelm and beyond.

True strength lies in being soft and flexible in a world that

is pushing for you to be armoured and defended.

True strength is knowing your limitations and respecting them enough

not to push through them - but allowing yourself to rest.

Instead of trying to push through, fight or flee from what is difficult right now, can you bring to these things a sense of acceptance?

What does it feel like when you take away the pressure to be strong and endure and replace it with a quiet acceptance instead?

Jane Douglas

#Acceptance #Freedom #Presence #RedChallenger