• Jane Douglas

Hiding behind my red plastic tea set

When I was a child I always believed that my presence did not matter, because back then it didn’t. There was too much hardship to be getting over.

But long after the hardship had ended the belief remained. Not that I realised this of course; for me, it was just the way I was. I liked being quiet, blending into the background, playing with my dolls and my little red plastic tea set. All was well in my little world of hiding.

Even today, I sometimes still question if I have to surrender hiding behind my red plastic tea set. I still fight my marketing team when they tell me I have to do videos, write about my life, share something of myself. I still ask WHY!! What the hell does anyone care about what I do or think?

This chapter of my journey to inner freedom is starting to heal, and it is healing through connection with others. I am learning that my presence, and all that I am belong here. I have my part to play in strengthening and nurturing connections with those around me and I can’t do that if I am hiding behind my red plastic tea set.

For you too, the journey to inner freedom is about coming out of hiding and knowing that your presence does matter, that people do want to hear what you have to say and share in the aspects of your life that you want to share.

Why? Because ultimately, we are one big, messy, human family and are connected in ways

we cannot begin to imagine.

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