• Jane Douglas

Game of snap anyone?

I have a real issue with the ‘quick fix’ offerings out there in the self-help market place right now.

Why do we trade making the best choice for ourselves for a quick solution?

We do it all the time. Living our lives like a game of snap we snatch at promises of quick fixes and simple solutions. This is not the way forward. The ‘21 day’ this, and the ‘3 day’ that will not solve anything.

Why do we snatch at these solutions? Perhaps because it doesn’t require that we slow down and face what we are really running from?

OK, so we are overworked and overwhelmed, I get that and yes, we do not have the

time or energy to think about things anymore. But it is too easy to blame our busy

lives for things.

There is no short cut to Inner freedom. It requires that we slow down and look inside ourselves. It requires that we ask searching questions like 'In what ways am I avoiding life?' It also requires that we stay still long enough to hear the answers.

I am really worried that if we carry on in our quick fix mindset that the question we will end up asking ourselves is 'When did the game of snap become a life that has snapped?'

Jane Douglas

#self-awareness #Innerfreedom