• Jane Douglas

Do you need a tool to find inner freedom?

I have a toolbox in my wonderful garden studio. In there I have many specialist tools, each one designed for a specific creative job.

But the tool I use the most and go back to time and time again whilst the others

gather dust is my favourite old sewing machine. It works beautifully and reliably time after time and it creates so many different things. The more I use it, the more things I find to use it for.

Your map is like my sewing machine. When you sit in front of your map, you have been handed a tool that will work beautifully and reliably on a range of issues. When you hold your map in your hands, you have a tool that can pick open the lock of a caged heart, carve out much needed space in a cluttered mind and plant roots for a body that is ungrounded. But the most useful of all this is the tool that allows you to excavate, reveal and set free what has been buried. Who you were before the world got its hands on you.

#awareness #trueself