• Jane Douglas

Christmas Presence

For some of us, the Christmas season can be a wonderful period of catching up with old friends and spending quality time with family. A couple of weeks of relaxing by the fire and even allowing ourselves time to read whilst munching on culturally-sanctioned excesses. It can be filled with warm nostalgia and the excitement to create something magical for the kids.

But this is not true for everyone.

During the run-up to December we may start to feel some pressure. The impending family time can feel threatening, stress starts to build and relationships begin to feel the strain.

A couple of years ago, just before Christmas, I finished facilitating an annual Transpersonal Coaching Programme, and as usual it was a wonderfully enriching experience steeped in love, trust and curiosity. The main focus of the six days was on developing what the Coaching Federation calls a ‘coaching presence.’ The ability to be fully present for another person. This goes way beyond listening and questioning and delves into a world of staying centred, rooted in your body and attuned to responding to what is arising in the moment.

During the six days we had frequently asked the question ‘What stops us being present?’ We asked this question from several standpoints; with clients, with our work colleagues and in our families. Inevitably as we got closer to the festive season the topic of Christmas crept into our conversations and it became apparent that many of us find it difficult to stay present in the face of being stuck with family members where tension and arguments can spark.

It appears that the family Christmas has the ability to trigger our excruciating childhood beliefs of ‘not being liked/loved,’ ‘not being good enough’ or ‘not being safe.’ The result is that we completely lose our capacity to stay present, to be in, appreciate and enjoy the moment.

This year I am inviting you to consider the festive season as a time to develop your self-awareness and to become passionately interested in harvesting all the potential breakthroughs on offer. I’m inviting you and myself to transform this Christmas into the liberating retreat it’s meant to be and to call on your patience, awareness and playfulness to help you along! Imagine how would it be to give us all the best Christmas presence on offer: self-awareness, lightening up, and daring to risk the vulnerability of a deeper connection with ourselves and our families.


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