Can creativity really help you to find inner peace?

I believe that creativity is our essential, spiritual nature and that when we lose connection with our creativity, we lose connection with who we are at our very core.

When we lose connection with who we are at our deepest level, we cease to thrive and grow; we suffer. Once we reconnect with our deepest, most authentic self we can listen to the wisdom and truth about our life that our true self wants us to know, and our sense of wellbeing, wholeness and peace grows, bringing us the most wonderful gifts. We become fully alive and able to find lasting inner peace and certainty that everything will be ok, even when the world is telling us differently.

I believe that creativity is THE vehicle for our journey to reconnect with our true self and the inner peace that waits there. It gives form to the formless, expression to the intangible and transports you to a space of inner trust where you feel safe to show up, stop trying to control and fix your life and just surrender to what is going on in the fullness of the present moment.

It's well documented that creativity is an intrinsic part of our spiritual nature, with many artists and great thinkers both past and present describing how creativity is almost like a hotline to connecting with who we are at our deepest level. How, when we are engaged in something creative it opens the doors to a space where we can experience ourselves at our most authentic – who we really are underneath all the layers.

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul - Dieter Uchtdorf

When you bring creativity to a guided practice something special happens. You know that feeling when you are truly present, completely absorbed and acutely aware? Well, when you are being creative you bring your whole self wholeheartedly to the present moment and in the losing of yourself in a creative technique, you become whole, open and you ignite the fires of curiosity and exploration.

You nurture your curiosity and become willing, even eager to explore your inner world and get to hang out with yourself, creating a space where, through your practice, you can invite strong emotions or unpleasant feelings to sit around the table with you and share what they want, or what they need you to know. Creativity opens the doors to a space where you can explore and heal what’s old and neglected in your inner world.

So, in answer to that question – well, maybe not on its own, but by combining it with a guided practice, yes, then I believe it can bring you an inner peace that lasts whatever your life may bring.


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