• Jane Douglas

Are you too busy to listen to your deepest wisdom?

Busy, busy, busy. We fill our days with busy. It’s a good thing. Can’t be seen to be lazy. Successful people are busy people. Busy people are admired. We reward ourselves when we tick something off our to do list and flop down at the end of the day with a well-earned ‘glass or two’ to celebrate how productive we have been, feeling all warm and fuzzy about how much we have managed to achieve during the day.

Busy is acceptable. Busy is normal and desirable. Busy is the way to be.

But what if busy is your way of avoiding what you know in the deepest part of you? What if it is your tranquiliser of choice against being present and feeling what is really happening in your life, an excuse not to look too deeply at the life you are living? After all, you are too busy – right?

Being busy doesn’t just fill the time, it fills the mind. And when the mind is full, there is no space for wisdom to enter.

What if you could turn off the busy, be present to the moment and create the space in your mind to listen to the wisdom of your heart?

What would happen if you sat quietly, and in the stillness of the present moment asked yourself;

What is my deepest wisdom trying to tell me?

Whatever it is, it will set you free.

Adapted from the book ‘How to Live Unleashed & Alive –

My Map to Freedom’ © Jane Douglas 2018

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