• Jane Douglas

Are you looking for freedom in the wrong place?

We live in a culture where we have more than ever before. More potential and more opportunities. We have more income, more money, more places to shop and more chances for travel. We have bigger houses, gadgets galore and countless ways to make our lives even better with fitness centres, holiday packages, dating sites – the list goes on.

Yet we find real freedom elusive as ever.

Somehow, we still manage to feel discontented with our lot with millions of us feeling personally trapped or limited in some way. Caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, getting more and more stressed, repeating the habitual behaviours that keep us from living the life we want.

Having more just doesn’t cut it. Getting more brings us fleeting happiness and when the shine wears off we go chasing after it again. Rather than more joy, more peace, more freedom we get more stress, more dissatisfaction and more frustration. Feeling we have no other choices, it seems that

We end up trapped, feeling like prisoners in our own life.

And like all prisoners, we yearn to be free.

Maybe you are living the life that others expect of you?

Or the life you think you should?

Whatever life you are living right now, the chances are that you aren’t fully free to live life as the real you. Of course, you will manage to escape into fleeting moments of being yourself, feeling free, feeling ‘in flow’ but these are probably only moments…

The truth is, you may have been looking for your freedom in all the wrong places. It isn’t out in the world, it isn’t to be found in getting more things or in anything outside of yourself. Real lasting freedom is right where you are. Nothing in your outer world can set you free.

Real, lasting freedom is an inner game. Period.

The first step to breaking free is to understand where you are trapped.

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Jane Douglas

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